Ruth: God in Everyday Life (Commentary for Exposition and Counseling)

Some may ask, “Why write another expositional commentary on the book of Ruth?” “Hasn’t that been done before?” Countless times. But the Bible is an infinite book, as it is the Word of an infinite God. Its riches cannot be fully exhausted. Our glorious Lord and Savior is worthy of our worship as we seek to understand His Word and apply it to our lives. This book is meant to be a tool to aid Bible teachers and individuals in their quest to worship Him with their lives and proclaim His excellencies to others.
This book is an attempt to combine a few of the varied elements and styles of different types of study aids into one resource, in order to facilitate the biblical exposition and application of the book of Ruth. What follows is not a detailed exegetical work, but rather an expositional commentary, and expository sermon, and some tools to help apply the biblical text.

How often do you run into a biblical commentary that takes you through hermeneutics, homiletics, counseling, and pastoral care—all in one volume? More than a commentary, God in Everyday Life is a manual on pastoral ministry. Brandt and Kress expound Ruth thoroughly, clearly, and helpfully—without taking the thrill out of it. That’s a genuine compliment and a major achievement.
—D. RALPH DAVIS, Pastor of Woodland Presbyterian (PCA) in Hattiesburg, MS and former professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary

Unique! That’s what it is. A book on counseling from Ruth. Moreover, it’s really two books in one, by two authors. Those who look for several commentaries rather than one can begin here with two. There are many helpful ideas in this double-barreled volume. You’ll want to get it to find out how to counsel from Ruth—won’t you?
—JAY ADAMS, Founder of NANC, The Institute for Nouthetic Studies, author, and pastor

Brad and Rick give you a “2-for-1” bargain. These two pastors compliment each other as they give interpretation, presentation, and practical application. Highly recommended for pastors, counselors, and serious Bible students.
—ROBERT GROMACKI, Distinguished Professor of Bible and Greek, Cedarville University

The book of Ruth follows upon the dark chapters of Judges like the rising sun. And the Moabitess’ radiant example shines ever bright today. How grateful I am that Rick Kress’ searching expositions have been coupled with the trenchant analysis and wisdom of Brad Brandt. God in Everyday Life will grace the church both in the pulpit and personal use.
—R. KENT HUGHES, Senior Pastor Emeritus, College Church in Wheaton

You will find this practical commentary provides a faithful synthesis of the original text and concrete theological application that will be an asset to every Christian and pastor. While highlighting the broader theological significance, the authors have captured the essence of the book of Ruth so well that it will become a favorite among pastoral counselors.
—JOHN D. STREET, Chair, MABC Graduate Program, The Master’s College & Seminary

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Brad Brandt has served as pastor-teacher at Wheelersburg Baptist Church in Wheelersburg, Ohio since 1987. He is a graduate of Cedarville College, Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary, and Grace Theological Seminary (D. Min.). He is a Fellow with the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors.

Eric (Rick) Kress is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary and has been involved in Christian publishing since 1999.

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