Saved Without a Doubt

“Am I really going to heaven? Am I really saved?

At some point everyone has experienced thoughts like these. Is there
any way to overcome those nagging doubts? Now you can put them to rest by answering with a resounding “YES!”

Author John MacArthur carefully examines classical biblical texts affirming the forever quality of salvation, without ignoring the troubling passages that seem to indicate otherwise.

Eleven biblical tests show how those truths apply to you, helping you determine once and for all whether you’ve experienced salvation. You can match your feelings with your faith and, by taking an encouraging look at victory in the spirit and the unshakable promises of God, persevere!

Reader’s Guide For Group Discussion & Personal Reflection

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Dr. John MacArthur is pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, and president of The Master’s College and Seminary. Known for his dynamic expository preaching, Dr. MacArthur is heard daily on Grace to You, a syndicated radio broadcast. His many books include The MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series, The Gospel According to Jesus, Our Sufficiency in Christ, and other books in the MacArthur Study Series: Alone with God and Divine Design, among others.

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